Transition To School Programme

Our families can choose between the 8 schools that we feed into.  We are part of the local “Community of Learners – Kahui Ako” where local schools and ECE Centres work together on the transitioning of children across our services. This means that there is a smoother transition for our children.  We have had New Entrant teachers and Principals from our local schools visit us and see the children in our environment.  Our relationship with Whangaparaoa Primary School New Entrant Class enables a Kindy teacher to take children for before-school visits.  This has shown to be beneficial for transitioning the children from Kindy to the school environment. We have a ‘going to school photo board’ where the children can see themselves and see the other children who have gone ahead to the school they are going to.  We actively support families at this transition time to make it as smooth as possible.

We integrate our ‘getting ready for school’ practices into our daily life at Kindy particularly involving but not exclusive to doing Mosaics, Beach and Bush walks, Gardening, Drama and Dance, Numeracy and Literacy activities, Clay creations, Lego and construction play, Bikes and Monkey bars accomplishments, Sewing, Baking, Art exploration and much more.

We give our parents our “Getting ready for school toolkit” booklet and have found that the research through the BrainWave Trust supports the way we prepare children for school.  Here are some links that we have found inspiring:


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